Protest in Solidarity with Gangjeong Villagers (Korean Consulate, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi)

Yesterday, 6 September 2012, Hawaiʻi Peace & Justice organized a protest in front of the Korean Consulate in Honolulu. This protest was organized in SOLIDARITY with the Gangjeong villagers of Jeju island who are fighting against naval base construction -- read more about this at and read Womenʻs Voices Women Speakʻs request for solidarity at


Soo Sun (in the black) is talking to the Korean consul general --- NO NAVAL BASE ON JEJU ISLAND!

Korean Consul General 

Soo Sun of Hawaiʻi Peace & Justice made these awesome cardboard costumes -- Steve  rocked the red crab outfit!

Thatʻs a Samsung bulldozer threatening the livelihoods of all of these wonderous creatures of Jeju island

 Iksoo sporting the fish! see the tear drop? naval base construction is destroying the habitats of all these rare marine animals!

Renie letting the Pali Hwy commuters know why we were there!

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