In preparation for our journey to Puerto Rico, the 2012 Hawaiʻi delegation is learning a traditional kahiko hula from Kumu Hula James Dela Cruz, co-founder of Nā ʻŌpio o Koʻolau Hula Halau. The song was hakuʻd in honor of King David Kalākaua, the "Merrie Monarch" who brought back the hula after colonial influences had suppressed this cultural practice and tradition in Hawaiʻi. We learn this hula to honor ancestors who value expression and representation beyond conventional norms set in place by colonial influence and imperial force.

Kāwika (David) - Mele Inoa for King David Kalākaua

King Kāwika Kalākaua

Eia nō Kāwika ea
O ka heke aʻo nā pua
Ka uwila ma ka hikina ea
Mālamalama Hawaiʻi
Kuʻi e ka lono Pelekani ea
Hoʻolohe ke kuʻini ʻo Palani
Na wai e ka pua i luna ea
O Kapaʻakea he makua
Haʻina ʻia mai ka puana ea
Kalani Kāwika he inoa
This is David
The greatest of all flowers

(He is) the lightning in the east
That brightens Hawai`i|

News reached England
Also heard by the French queen

Who is this flower of high rank?
Kapa`akea is his father

Tell the refrain
King David, is his name

ONLINE SOURCE: http://www.kalena.com/huapala/Kawika.html

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